Detox & the Body

About Detox

The physical removal of drugs and alcohol from the body is detox in it’s rawest form. During this time the body craves the substances it became used to during the user’s active addiction. Depending on the substance(s) abused, the withdrawal symptoms can include sustained agony, pain, even death. It’s the reason why inpatient medical detox centers exist to help people get of drugs safely and comfortably.

The Right Detox

Detox is not the same for everyone. It depends on the substance(s) used, there’s a detox protocol that is right for the person. As an example an alcoholic is not treated the same as a heroin addict. Alcohol requires different medicine to reduce or eliminate the withdrawal symptoms of alcoholism, and the length of stay is also shorter. With this knowledge we are able to help you receive the “right” detox.

Why Drug and Alcohol Detox Will Help

  • Break the cycle of addiction by removing any substances that you are physically dependent on.
  • Medication-assisted medical detox will stop the withdrawal symptoms and keep you more comfortable and willing to recover.
  • You’ll be in a safe environment. It’s very difficult to find drugs or alcohol when you are sitting in detox.
  • Easy access to counselors and staff that understand what you are going through and are happy to help you.

Rehab After Detox

Once you’ve successfully completed a detox program, it is much easier to concentrate on learning the tools necessary to stay clean and live a productive lifestyle. Your next step will be to continue on to an inpatient drug and alcohol rehab. This is where you’ll learn how to return to a normal life, address the triggers that cause you to use and rebuild relationships you damaged while you were using. Rehab programs usually last 30­90 days and are typically covered by your insurance provider

Intensive Outpatient Counseling Following Rehab

Once you complete your drug and alcohol rehab you should consider going the next step and starting an outpatient counseling program for a few hours a week. Through the years we have found that addicts and alcoholics who follow these three steps have the best chance of getting and STAYING sober.

At Broward Detox we work hard to give patients access to professional local Florida detox centers in their area so they can get onto the path to recovery as soon as possible.

Our Mission is Simple

We know how difficult it is to ask for help and take that first step. But one phone call could save the life of you or your loved one! We are here to offer answers to all of your questions.

Our admission counselors are experienced in dealing with all types of addiction. We offer private consultations that are 100% confidential.

At your request we can also provide important South Florida drug and alcohol detox center information so you may choose a detox center that can help you in your situation.

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